Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Ingenious Uses of Lemon

Many people like this kind of fruit. But they may ignore the ingenious uses of the lemons, especially the lemon peel. It is very useful in our everyday life.

First the lemon peel can improve the smell of the kitchen. And it not only can take away the smells in the kitchen it also can make the kitchen smell deliciously. It is the most nature aromatic substances within the room.

It is difficult to remove the smudge within or around the cooking utensils. But you can try this way. First you put some lemon peel into the warm water for some time until the peel becomes larger. Then you put the water into the cooking utensils. And now it is easy to remove those smudges. Also it is useful to remove the rust in the pots.

And there may be yellow markings in the wash basin and bathtub. Don’t worry. You can clean it easily with the lemon peel. Also it can be used in cleaning other dirty places such as tapes and wall bricks.

When you cook fishes or meat it is possible to get the fishy smell. And it is difficult to remove the smell with soap or washing powder. But you can try the lemon peel. Also it can remove the smell in the refrigerate.

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