Saturday, May 21, 2011

Something about Light Blogging

After the popularity of SNS and micro blog the light blogging becomes a new tendency of the internet in 2011. Just like blog and micro blog light blog also provides a platform for the users to generate contents and express themselves. And the light blog combines the advantages of blog and micro blog. It can express things clearly and professionally just like blog. And it also has the features of convenience and SNS just like micro blog. If blog is a book and micro blog is newspapers, we can see light blog as magazines. The light blog can communicate more things than micro blog and you can only use a button to release what you have found on the internet., released in April 2007, is taking the lead in the field of light blog. And is tumblr's biggest competitor. And at the same time the traditional media companies are moving to the platform of light blog, including NPR. Many other media companies are also moving to the light blog such as Newsweek, Rolling Stone and Life magazine. Some famous blog service providers such as have also added the similar functions of light blog on their platform.

Where will this new internet application go in the future? We now can't be certain. Also the business model of micro blog and light blog is uncertain.

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