Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to Treat Constipation by the Way of Doing Excises?

Habitual constipation is that the interval between defecations exceeds 48 hours. And the waste is kept in the intestines and the water in the waste is absorbed excessively that results in dry and hard waste, which is difficult to discharge from the body. And there are many reasons for this disease. The condition of work place, the life habits, the diets and abnormal life habits can be all related with this disease. And there are many other reasons such as sitting for a long time, lack of excises and eating less food that contain fibrin.

And the way of doing excises to treat the constipation aims to stimulate the movements of stomach and recover the normal movements of the intestines. And on the other side by increasing the strength of abdomen muscles it would become easy to discharge the waste from your body. And these traditional ways are very effective. And compared to the medicine treatment you don’t have to suffer the side effects of medicine.

And the main purpose of the excises is to strength the power of the abdomen muscles. So the easiest way is to do sit-ups. Also you can do other excises. All in all the excises are good to treat the constipation.

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