Friday, May 27, 2011

Something about Dark Circles

 Many people ignore the dark circles and they think that they would disappear after a period. But in fact many diseases are related with dark circles and you should take care of this.

First stomach problems such as hypo function of digesting and absorbing and repeated outbreak of gastritis can make the dark circles serious. And the color of those dark circles of those people is deep and may be light blue. And the range is also large too.

Chronic liver diseases can be also related with dark circles. Chronic liver diseases especially the long time abnormal liver function and enlargement of the liver can lead to long time dark circles. About twenty percent of the patients with liver diseases have the outward manifestations of pigmentation outside of their body. So the patients with liver disease should decrease the burden of the liver and provide enough nutrition substances to the liver. And you should eat the foods that contain less fat.

The deficiency of the kidney is also related with dark circles. The traditional Chinese medicine thinks that the dark circles are resulted from the deficiency of the kidney. And the long time unhealthy living habits and excessive sex can lead to dark circles easily.

In order to get rid of the dark circles you should avoid staying late in the night and get into a good habits of living.

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