Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Young People Love SNS More Than Sending Text Messages Now

From the view of the young people the IM tools provided by social networks is fashionable and convenient. And some observers predicted that short messages may be disappeared among the young people who are born after 1990. Last year the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg, said that the email was dead and his speech aroused a fierce debate. And who would be the next to die? And in the next two years the number of sent short messages would decrease by 20 percent and may be disappear among the people who were born after 1990.

Instant message is similar with short message. But the instant message is cheaper and faster, which can satisfy the mental demands of the one right way. For example the same message on the Twitter can be sent to many contacts in the same time. The use of short message would decrease with more and more young people use social networks and smart phones.

A survey report showed that only 51 percent of young people use email as their first communication tool. And the most loyal users of email are middle aged and old people.

From the view of young people email is too troublesome and slow. Also they think it has been out of date.

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