Monday, May 23, 2011

The True Death Reason for the Cancer Patients

It is common to see that after a people was found to have cancer it only take a few months for this people to pass away. Why the life is so flimsy facing the medical certificate? And what is the true reason for the cancer patients?

When a person was found to have cancer he may be sure that he would die soon at the same time. And it means that the cancer patients execute themselves death sentence. So sometimes we have to consider that are the cancer patients die from the cancer itself or the psychic suicide. And what happens if a person has cancer but he and his family don’t know?

And there is a surprising research from the western countries. They dissected thousands of the old people that died naturally. They found that 70 percent of the old man had gastric cancer and malignant tumors. And even some old people had malignant tumors for more than 30 years and they didn’t know that they had got incurable disease.

So in some cases we can say that the cancer patients killed themselves but not the cancer. And we can also say that many people with cancer are scared to death by cancer.

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