Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Signals That You Become Mature

When you become mature you may not like sending messages. You like to make a call when you want to say something. And you prefer to make a long story short.

You may realize that you don’t like to be immersed in the emotional thinking. And you know that sensational plots don’t belong to you anymore.

Sometimes you like to be alone. And you may don’t get yourself into a slough of self-pity. And you like to surf on the internet, listen to music and amuse ourselves. Occasionally you may play some computer games.

Before you only loved to watch entertainment programs. But now you don’t like it anymore. You pay more attention to the science or news programs.

When you were young you think that the movie theater was a romantic place. But now you go to the theater because you like the film or director.

Sometimes you may write a post on your blog. Or you send pictures on your blog. But you don’t often visit other people's blog. You just write something for you to read.

You like to sing some old songs unconsciously. Although you may don’t remember the lyrics, you just like to sing them.

And you would never like to talk about the age issue now. You always like to say that you are younger that you really is.

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