Friday, May 20, 2011

Some Ways to Postpone Senility and Increase Your Immunity

We all know that milk has many functions in keeping us healthy. It also can make our skin white. But you may don’t know that boiling milk can produces carcinogenic substance. And the right way is to boil it in 70 centi degree for three minutes or in 60 centi degree for 6 minutes.

The nutrition of walnut is comprehensive. And it contains more omega 3 fatty acids than Salmon fish, more polyphenols that can resist inflammation than red wine. Also it contains much protein that can build our muscles. So the walnut is one of the most nutrient nuts. And you are advised to eat seven walnuts each day.

The research shows that the risk of hearts diseases can decrease by 38 percent if you eat three ounces of black bean each day. Although other beans are good for protecting our hearts, black bean is also good for the brain because of the rich anthocyanins in black bean. And it also contains many other nutrient substances.

The red apple is better than other apples because it contains more Antioxidants.

Green Chinese onion can increase the sex ability effectively and reduce the risk of prostatic carcinoma.

Mushroom contains a kind of antioxidant called erythrothioneine. And it can prevent the unusual generation of tumor cells. And the experts advised that you can eat mushroom one time in one to two weeks. And with red wine the effect will be multiplied.

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