Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nine Activities Help You Become a Perfect Woman- One

Do you want to be a perfect woman? The following exercises can help you a lot and it's easy to insist.

First, walking

Walking as an effective cardio exercises, compared with general walking, it can increase heart rate by at least 13 percent.

Second, dancing

Woman's capacity of movement is weaker than man, that's because they are good at using left brain, and easier to master balance. Lack of stable balance, body movements are not only flexible,but will seriously affect the proper differentiation of left and right brain development, especially the organization reasoning and understanding of the left brain.

Third, skiing

In sliding, the close cooperation of eyes, hands, legs can largely training the speed of response. Alpine skiing in particular is a strong sense of manufacturing; improve self-confidence to cope with various challenges.

Fourth, riding bicycle

Appropriate exercise can secrete a hormone, which can make people cheerful and happy, riding bicycle will be able to produce this hormone. It can compress blood vessels, making blood circulation to accelerate the brain to intake more oxygen, so you will feel very relax after riding.

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