Friday, November 19, 2010

4 Factors Contributing to Women's Headache

Headaches plague 45 million Americans, mostly are women. However, in addition to the visual fatigue, stress, hormone levels can cause headaches; there are many unexplained reasons, like perfume, weather, headwear, or hunger.


The sense of smell-sensitive people, a considerable number of people because of the taste and smell the perfume headaches. Strong nose and taste will stimulate the nerve cells; thereby stimulating the nervous system caused headaches.


The change of air pressure, the rise of temperature, humidity, lightning and clouds can cause headache. This is because the changes of weather cause the change of chemical substances and electrical stimulation in the brain, which can cause nerve irritation, causing headache.


Low blood sugar may stimulate nerve pathways, causing headache, but the exact mechanism is still not clear. But eat more foods contain magnesium and riboflavin can help prevent and alleviate headaches.

Earrings, scarves and ponytail

If the ponytail is too tight, it will stimulate your muscular system. In addition, wearing tight hats, scarves and heavy earrings can also cause headache. Loose hair and remove the earrings at home can ease headache.

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