Monday, November 22, 2010

Several Types of Super-cute Limited Edition Perfume

Every fall, each brand will launch a new limited edition fragrance of its most popular perfume in order to reward those perfume fans. Not all the perfume is worth of collecting. But this year, there are really some good products have been on sale.

The series of fragrance that Estee Lauder launched every year can be seen as an artwork. And the shapes of fragrance are different in different countries. And this year Estee Lauder sells a kind of fragrance, the shape of the bottle like a snail. And the snail's body decorates with gems, which is not cheap and very chic. It can be seen as an expensive gist to lovers on wedding or birthday. And it may cost $275.

French designer Thierry Mugler's design is full of unconstrained imagination. And the Alien perfume has launched a new limited edition; the purple crystal seems to be from the measureless universe and it carved with golden flowers. Also, this bottle can be filled again, so you can put the perfume which you like into it.

Another type of perfume Angel also has launched a new bottle package. This is a kind of perfume which is packed very cool, the bottle is in shape of five-pointed star, and it is shaped by leather, stones and glass. If you are a person who wears leather pants, and diamond lovers, it must be suitable for you.

If you like the feeling of celature, then the Kat Von D perfume may be suitable for you. The lush foliage mixes with the skull which symbols death make a feeling of rock, and the design of the cap of the bottle allows you put it in your bag without worrying on whether it would drop or not.

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