Monday, November 29, 2010

Four Tips Help to Lose Weight

Most of people have the unreasonable eating habit, someone may have the habit to over-eat and take excessive nutrition, and others who are on diet may take little nutrition and they keep slim at the cost of their health. Both of the eating habits are unscientific. There are four small tips can help you lose weight without sacrifice health.

Make sure that your meal time is relatively stable, and ensure the provision of nutrition is balanced and comprehensive. Our body is very magical; it can adjust itself in order to adapt our eating rhythm. It eating in a regular pattern, our body can adapt to form a precise diet clock. If food provides the nutrition our body needs, then we will not feel hungry in the interval of two meals.

May be many people have heard this saying that is when you feel hungry, drinking a glass of water. We may just deem it as a kidding; actually, it has done some effect. In fact, regularly taking drinks that without sugar and caffeine can help regulate our physical process, and generally improve our appetite.

There may be sometimes that we just take meal but after a moment, we would feel hungry. This may be a false signal that our stomach sends to our brain. When we feel hungry in the interval between two meals, wait for 15minutes and then take some food and make this a habit. Generally speaking, if not taking foods at once, the feeling of hunger may disappear.

These natural foods, such as a piece of fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt, a small amount of almond or some cereal cookies can not only provide the energy that our body needs but also can help us to avoid over-eating. And thus we can achieve the goal to lose weight.

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