Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Health Hazard Caused by Losing Weight-Part One

When mentioned lose weight, I think many women have suffered a lot. The hazard caused by losing weight is very awful. So as for women, we should have some knowledge about the hazard caused by losing weight.

Do not admire those women who eat a little can work a day. Actually, her stomach has suffered a lot. She may have such symptoms, inappetence and swelling pain. The result is perhaps gastroptosis.


Our bile is secreted by the liver, which contains cholesterol, bile salts, calcium and lecithin, etc. they keep a certain proportion. People who are too thin can't get enough energy, so the deposition of fat in body will accelerate to consume, and cholesterol will move, this may lead an increase of the content of cholesterol in bile. And the bile will become sticky and precipitate the formation of stones.


A research shows the incidence of hipbone fracture in woman who is thin in 1time high than woman who is in standard weight. This mainly because the thin body can't contain the sufficient estrogen, so this would affect the combination between calcium and bone, and it can't maintain the normal bone density. Therefore, people who want to lose weight are likely to have such symptoms, osteoporosis and bone fracture.

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