Sunday, November 7, 2010

What Benefits can Dates Bring to Pregnant Women?

Dates is rich in nutrition, it contains lots of nutrients and trace elements. And its content of vitamin C is higher than apple, pear, grape, peach, hawthorn, orange, lemon and other fruits. It is also rich in vitamin P, vitamin A. So, dates enjoy the reputation of natural vitamin. It has a great help on the supplements of nutrition to pregnant women and the development and growth of baby.

Date has the function to improve the physical weakness, nourish nerve, and enrich the blood and sooth the nerve, so it is very good for pregnant women.

First, dates can promote the development of fetus's brain. This is mainly because that date is rich in folic acid, which involves in the generation of cells, so, it can promote the development of nervous system of fetus.

In addition, date is rich in trace elements such as, zinc, which is good for the development of fetus's brain and thus promotes the fetus's intellectual development.

Date can help strength pregnant women's immunity. Jujube is a nutritious tonic, it not only contains abundant carbohydrates, and protein but also contains abundant vitamin and minerals. All these have a great benefit for pregnant women and their fetus's health.

What's more, date can strengthen the spleen and reinforce the stomach. Eating enough dates can significantly enhance stomach function and thus help us whet the appetite. Date can also supplement qi and blood; this is particularly helpful for pregnant women who lose a lot in qi and blood.

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