Thursday, November 18, 2010

Some Types of Nutritious and Healthy Foods for Women

The foods that we eat in our daily life not only provide the nutrition our body needs, but also the important powder resources that help us to manage a day's activity. However, as for women, the intake of nutrition is different from that of men. Then which kind of foods can allow women get more nutrition and health? Let us have a look.

Red rice contains lots of starch and plant protein, it can add strength and maintain the normal temperature of our body. It is rich in many nutrients, of which the most abundant one is iron, thus it has the function to enrich the blood and prevent the anemia. And it is also rich in phosphorus, vitamin A and B, which can improve the malnutrition, night blindness and beriberi and other disease.

Among the many types of fruits, acidic fruits contain more vitamin C, and today's nutrition has been unanimously praised vitamin C as the anti-oxidant. Vitamin C can hinder the free radicals' damage on cells and reduce the aging process. So, it is very good for women to eat fruits that are rich in vitamin C.

Soybean is cheap but of high value. As for women, the isoflavones it contains has the similar function with estrogen hormone, it can low the blood cholesterol, protect heart and prevent the osteoporosis of breast cancer.

We can see broccoli on many anti-aging recipes, it is a kind of very useful food for women. Because its richness in antioxidants, so it can slow the free radicals and thus to delay aging.

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