Sunday, November 14, 2010

Four Tips on Skin Nursing for Female Computer Users

In the internet era, the impact of internet to our work and life becomes more and more important. And for those women who have to face computer during work or who likes surfing, the computer's radiation is a major role which can prevent our skin from health and beauty. Then how to reduce the radiation to our skin and how to make our skin healthy and white?

First, make a complete face protection

For those women who don't want to give up surfing, but want to posse healthy and beautiful skin, skin care becomes a prominent problem. The radiation of screen would generate static which can easily absorb dust. So, women who are facing computer for a long time would easily have skin problems. Therefore, smear a layer of facial treatment milk and a layer of foundation make-up before use computer. This can enhance the skin's resistance to radiation.

Make a thoroughly clean of skin

After surfing on internet, the first task is to clean skin. A thorough clean of skin can wash away the dust that absorbed by static. And the coat skin with a mild skin care products. Keep doing this for a long time can reduce the harm and beautify skin.

Supply nutrition is very important

Vitamin B is very beneficial for brainworker. If you sleep late in night, and you don't sleep well, you should eat liver, fresh vegetables and fruits, because they contain abundant vitamin B. in addition, meat, fish and dairy products have a function to increase memory. Chocolate, wheat donut, seafood and dried fruits can enhance the coordination of the nervous system, so they are the best snacks for us to eat during surfing.

Doing exercises can help you allay tiredness

Surfing on internet for a long time would make us feel dizzy, stiffness if our finger and pain in our back, what's the worse, edema of lower extremity and varicosity would happen to us. Therefore, we should take exercises frequently so as to keep the exuberant energy.

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