Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Health Hazard Caused by Losing Weight-Part Two

Beauty is an eternal topic for women, so they try everything to make them beautiful. However, there are some potential hazards in the process of seeking for beauty.


People who want to diet will have the problem that they can't obtain the enough nutrients. The insufficiency of vitamin B12, folic acid and iron will certainly lead to anemia.

Memory decay

The main power that supports our brain to work comes from fat, which can stimulate brain, speed up the brain's ability to process information, and increase the short-term and long-term memory. If the intake amount and storage capacity of fat are insufficient and the lack of nutrients will directly affect our memory. So we gradually have a bad memory.

Losing hair

The main components of our hair are protein, zinc, iron, copper and other trace elements. For those people who are losing weight, they body can't contain sufficient fat and protein, therefore, their hair loss frequently and the hair gradually lose their luster.

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