Friday, November 26, 2010

Three Steps Help You to be a Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping beauty always leave us an impression that sweet and silent. According to its name, that is through sleep we can become more beautiful. Enough sleep is the requisite of beauty. And face is the visual part to performance beauty. So, it is very important to maintain the beauty of face. However, in nowadays, all the women seem to lack of sleep. In fact, sleep is very crucial to beauty; it would be no exaggeration to say that no food and cosmetics and have the same effects with sleep.

Take a shower. Take shower before sleep can increase body temperature, smooth blood circulation, promote the blood velocity and pressure, and speed up the body's metabolism, so that every inch of our skin can completely get relaxed.

Look into the mirror. In addition to carefully wash and some easy facial massage, there is a magic formula-look into the mirror. Make an expression that you think is the best of your own-a pleasant smile to mirror. And then sleep in the happy state of mind. The beautiful expression will impress in your brain, and you will be naturally become a sleeping beauty.

Music and milk is the good companion of sleep. After a full day's exposure, skin in evening will be very fatigue. You can use the sleep time to listen some music and immerse in the quiet and mellow mood that created by music. And thus your spirit and skin will be soothed by music. Milk contains two hypnotic substances, which can combine with the central nervous system or peripheral opioid peptide receptor, and make body feel comfortable. Thus we will be conductive to sleep and our fatigue will be relieved. The function is especially notable for those people who are neurasthenic caused by their physical weakness.

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