Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let Fruits Help You Lose Weight-Part Two


Apple is rich in pectin, which can help to form a combination between intestines and toxins; this can accelerate detoxification and reduce the absorption of energy. In addition, apple is also rich in potassium, which can prevent leg swelling. Chewing slowly an apple which is a bit hard can not only make people have a sense of satiety, but also provide people a low calories.


The acid material in grapefruit can help to increase the digestive juice, promote digestion, and help people absorb the nutrition. The reason why grapefruit is one of the best choices for losing weight is that it is rich in vitamin C. about a grape fruit contains 100 mg vitamin C. It can not only resist fatigue, but also can beautify skin. What's more, it is low in sugar, so when you are on diet, grapefruit is out of question the best choice to supplement vitamin C. Some girls will be afraid of the heavy sour, so you can drop a little honey to grapefruit, and then it will not be sour. 


Have you ever heard that eat pineapple should after a meal. Because pineapple's proteolytic enzyme is quite strong. It can help the digestion of protein in meat and other foods. If eat it before meal, your parieto is likely to be hurt. Therefore, if you want to eat pineapple achieve the goal that you can lose weight, please pay attention to time.

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