Monday, November 8, 2010

Which Kind of Meat is the Smart Choice for Expectant Mother

For expectant women, the nutrition is very important, if you are a person that can't live without meat. You should pay attention to your diet and see whether you have lost sight in some nutrients. It seems very common to eat meat; however different meat has different nutritional value.

The first choice should be fish. This because fish not only contain protein high in quality, moderate fat, abundant vitamins, and inorganic salt but also contains polyunsaturated fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids that fish contains have the function to prevent abortion, premature labor and slow growth of fetus. And these polyunsaturated fatty acids can't be synthesized in body. It only can be obtained through foods, and the best source is fish. Therefore, nutrition experts recommend that pregnant women had better eat fish 2to 3 times a week.

The second is rabbit meat. It is high in protein, and low in fat. So it is suitable for those expectant mothers who are fat before pregnancy or women who are overweight.

Chicken is also a good choice for expectant mother for it is low in fat. And chicken is very tender, and with an even and not wasteful distribution of the fat, so it is easy to digested.

Beef also has abundant nutrition. Beef not only contains the abundant protein, iron and copper, but also contains abundant vitamin B.

Pork has the highest fat. The excessive intake of pork is unhealthy. So, expectant mother should pay attention to it and better take a little of pork.

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