Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Coarse grains are the Best Beauty Foods

Many office ladies are facing with these problems: the long face of the computer all day, too many dinner parties, long-term constipation and so on. These problems will lead to female skin problems in the end. The following coarse grains are good for the skin.

The first one is corn. Corn is recognized as the world's "golden crop". It contains much fiber, and fiber can accelerate intestinal peristalsis, reduce cholesterol absorption and prevent coronary heart disease.

Second is oats. Oat contains a large number of dietary fibers, which are beneficial to detoxification, but also to have the effect of weight loss. In addition, it has magic whitening effect.

Third is mung bean, it is sweet and cold, which has the effect of diuretic swelling, and detoxification and cool in the role of thirst.

Fourth is buckwheat. It contains the "chlorophyll" and "rutin" which other grain do not have. The vitamin B1 and B2 of buckwheat is two times than wheat. Meanwhile, nicotinic acid and rutin contained in buckwheat are the treatment of hypertension drugs. Regular consumption of buckwheat is also effective against diabetes.

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