Friday, January 14, 2011

Wearing Colorful Pantyhose Everyday is Harmful to Women Health

Select an appropriate color, with the right fabrics and styles of dresses, color pantyhose is really a landscape of fashionable women from the street to the office, from cultural activities to the commercial negotiations.

In fact, both men and women, regardless of underwear or outerwear, often wearing tight is not good, the body is a constraint, and will make blood circulation unsmooth. Therefore, although the pantyhose are good, do not wear every day. Influx women may try to hang out all clothes, and change styles every day.

Like this colorful pantyhose, the surface of the fabric has attached a layer of dye when they are newly bought, you'd better washing before wearing, thus reducing the dye damage to the skin. If you have sweat out today in pantyhose, the next it best to wash.

In fact, the same as socks, pantyhose, change each day for the best. After washing, do not hold up as hold clothes, after a long time, there is no form of the pantyhose. Get it flat, and take hold of the beam in the clothes to dry. In addition, regular wash pantyhose can alleviate the static response to some extent.

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