Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Right Steps of Women Face Care in winter

In cold winter, the facial skin always feel stretched, dying, redness and fine lines continue to emerge. The appropriate moisture replenishment of facial skin can effectively against these symptoms.

First, replacement of the cleansing products

The right moisture concept should from inner to the outer. The most basic step should start from cleaning. In summer, women like to use strong cleaning and removing oil products, while in winter, these kinds of products will make skin desquamate. Therefore, women should choose a mild cleanser to better protect the skin.

Second, replacement of skin care products

Women should choose skin care products according to the different nature of skin. General oily skin should choose a neutral and non-oily skin care products, such as milk, cream category; dry skin should choose the oil of the skin care products, such as nutrition cream, honey skin care category.

Third, facial massage

Facial massage is very important to promote blood circulation and metabolism, prevent skin aging, which is most worthy of promotion in the late autumn, but we must take a scientific approach.

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