Friday, January 21, 2011

Three Pursuit Beauty Actions can Damage Woman's Health

The pursuit of beauty, many women like detoxification, nail, color their hair and so on. As everyone knows, the pursuit of beautiful healthy behavior will cause great trouble, and even make more harm than good.

Error detoxification

Many stars have insisted on colon hydrotherapy beauty, to let their bodies do not accumulate toxins in the stool, there are ways people choose fasting for detoxification. "Detoxification" has become a fashionable lifestyle.

Colon hydrotherapy is easy to make intestinal thicker, long repeated stimulation will also make intestinal paralysis, eventually leading to a number of man-made disease. Fasting detoxification method also varies, the workload of the people in to eat the dinner, the body will appear weak, dizziness, hypoglycemia, and affects health.


A lot of girls like to pursuit of trends and fashion, nail has already become a required course for them every month, every month a new style will change, or crystal nails, or a variety of different colors. But gradually you will find the girls began to become yellow, and will be very fragile.

Hair dye

Enjoy life, the pursuit of individuality, is the lifestyle many young men and women. Hair dye is no longer just the needs of the elderly, but also for many fashion young men and women. However, frequent hair dye, causing hair breakage, split ends, dry and so on.

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