Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Top 5 Dangerous Living Habits of Women

Wearing expired contact lenses

Don't wear expired contact lenses in order to save money, because even if cleaning and disinfection, the lenses and the lens box will still left a lot of bacteria, which will easily lead to vision loss or inflammation of the cornea, what's worse, it can also cause permanent blindness.

Eating out-of-date foods

Although some not long overdue food can be eaten, milk or foods rich in protein should be eaten out within the warranty period.

Piercing in a small shop

Newly pierced ears still have some living skin cells and can't heal wounds within 6 weeks. It is very easy to provide breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. If a small shop can't provide follow-up protection, please change another one.

Long interval between two medical examinations

The examination frequency depends on your age, health history and lifestyle habits. Some people check a couple of years no problem, but the girls over the age of 25 should maintain to once a year.

Eating much pills when headache

Even it's no effect after eating painkillers; you should not eat another one. Or it not only will make the body to adapt the drugs, but also the headache will become more intense.

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