Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four Common Mental Diseases of Office Ladies- Part Two


TV, telephone, computer, email, phone, Internet and all the modern communications equipment and means of communication make our daily life and work very convenience, but also bring us new problems.

When some of the information around us suddenly disappeared, and our heart began to feel anxiety, panic, and even dizziness, chest tightness and other symptoms, this phenomenon is the performance of anxiety. In addition, family life or work setbacks, interpersonal conflict, psychological factors and strong stimulation can lead to anxiety attacks. Try to relax and you can use a small notebook to record things you want to do, slowly allow yourself to become organized, to be confident about yourself.


Go home after a busy work at the end of the day, looking for someone to share feelings to relax, thick phone book, nearly a thousand business cards, friends groups... But, when distress or joy, you opened the phone book, business card holder, open the computer to find, sort, search, it is hard to find a just the right friend to share.

Long-term loner, shopping and watching movies alone, this seemingly cold heart is still very autistic look forward to the care and concern of friends.

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