Sunday, January 9, 2011

Four Toxins makes Women Prematurely Senile Part Two

Women are always interested in anti-aging; however, do you know that some toxins in our body would lead to prematurely senile. This article will show you those toxins.

Putrefaction is the source of all the toxins in our body. If we absorb the toxins that generated by putrefaction, our immunity would be reduced, and thus various diseases would be generated and our health would in danger. Putrefaction can affect our health through various ways; it can cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and for women, the toxins' repeated absorption would reach all parts of our body by the blood circulation, and lead to rough skin, pores, acne, abdominal pain, bloating, bad breath, dysmenorrheal, irregular menstruation, obesity, irritable mood and other symptoms.

The last way for toxin exists is lipidosis. With the awareness of nutrition, people now like to eat foods high in nutrition. However, sometimes, it would cause some diseases. Because the intake of high nutritional foods, and with exercises, this is likely to lead the deficiency of water in our body and this would cause blood viscosity. What's worse, with the increase of blood concentration, there would be a large number of lipid depositions in the vascular wall, so that the supply of oxygen to organs would be deficient and thus cause cerebral embolism and other diseases.

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