Sunday, January 23, 2011

Three Details Indicates Women Lack of Blood

Qi and blood are the carrier of life, they moisturizing body together. If compared our body to the growth of plants, then qi is the sun, blood is the rain, and the two work together in the human body to make us grow. Some details of body indicate women health situation.

The white of the eye has close relationship with lungs and large intestine. If there are blood streak on the white of the eye, it indicates lungs and large intestine are heat, if there's large pouch under the eyes, it means insufficiency of the spleen.

Hair is closely related to liver and kidney, if there is a lot of hair loss, and the hair is sparser, you must guard against the problem of the body's blood. Greasy hair, the lung gas and virtual, will appear the phenomenon of too much hair oil. Hair growth rate associated with the liver blood, if the liver blood deficiency, hair grow slowly, and easy to dry.

Thick, strong and flexible hands usually indicate plenty of blood and strong physique; if thick hand weakness, poor flexibility, mostly poor energy and fatigue. Palm soft thin and weak, much energy recession, weak and sickly.

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