Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Prevent Computer Radiation for Office Ladies

Office ladies should facing with computer every day and access to computer more than six hours each day. The computer radiation is harmful to human. Long exposure to computer will harmful to human health, and will also affects female appearance. The following methods will help you a lot.

Drink yogurt each day

Yogurt is a wonderful whitening product. It contains a variety of probiotic bacteria, protein, minerals and vitamins, can improve the skin's epidermal moisture content, and to achieve long-lasting whitening effect, giving the skin for more brilliance. The vitamin B in the yogurt can resist radiation damage.

Drink dates porridge frequently

As we all know, red dates has the blood supplement and whitening effect. It is rich in nutrients and trace elements; it is called "natural vitamins." The fungus contains collagen, which can increase flexibility of the skin. Therefore, making porridge with dates and the fungus can prevent radiation, and whitening skin.

Drink green tea

Tea is rich in the origin of vitamin A, after absorbing by human body; it can quickly transfer into vitamin A. Green tea is the best to prevent radiation. It can make you beauty and health.

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