Friday, January 7, 2011

Four Toxins makes Women Prematurely Senile Part One

As for women, beauty, weight-loss is always hot topics for them. However, many women try various ways to keep beauty and lose weight, they would usually neglect one important point that is to eliminate toxin, which would make us prematurely senile. If the waste in our intestine contact with the intestinal wall for long time, it would inevitably be re-absorbed by our body, and cause body poisoned. The residual waste in the body would begin to decompose and the flora in colon will continue to break down waste and thus toxins would be generated. And there are four ways for toxin exists in our body. Let us have a look.

Cholesterol is a kind of nutrient that essential to human body, but the long-term high intake of cholesterol would increase the content of serum cholesterol and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Free radical is the main factor that would cause human aging. The right amount of free radical is good for our body; it can protect our body from the harm that chemicals and other materials would bring to us. However, once the content of free radical has surpass a certain amount, it would generate a very powerful oxygenizement and thus do harm to cells in our body. And this would lead to aging, skin spots, allergies and cardiovascular diseases.

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