Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Frequent Anger of Women will Cause Eight Damages to Health- Two

Liver injury
When angry, the body secretes some material called "catecholamines", act on the central nervous system, so that blood sugar increased, fatty acid decomposition to strengthen the blood and liver cells of toxins increased. Drink a cup of water when angry. Water can improve the body's excretion of free fatty acids to reduce the toxicity.

Cause hyperthyroidism

Angry makes the endocrine system disorders, to increase thyroid hormone secretion; the passage of time can cause hyperthyroidism. You should sit down and relax, eyes closed, doing deep breathing.

Lung injury
Emotional impulses, the breathing will be rapid, even cause the phenomenon of hyperventilation. Expansion of the alveolar stop, no time to shrink, it should not relax and rest, thereby jeopardizing the health of the lung.

Damage the immune system
When angry, the brain commands the body to produce a transformation from the cortex from cholesterol sterols. If the accumulation of this substance in the body too much, it will hinder the movement of immune cells, the body resistance will decreased.

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