Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Four Common Mental Diseases of Office Ladies- Part One

People often think that women love to cry like a baby, with pressure also easy to vent out, and will not cause psychological problems, the truth is on the contrary. Here are several common mental diseases of women; you should pay more attention to it.

With the increase work pressure, insomnia has occurred frequently, in fact, insomnia is a minor neurasthenia. It is a common mental disorder. It is mental state caused by long-term excessive tension of higher nervous system. Causes of morbidity are often not single, but the result of interaction of many factors.

If sensitive, insomnia, dreaminess easy to wake up and most of the above-mentioned characteristics occurs, it would have to be careful, take some time to determine whether you are really get neurasthenia. Heart medicine for the heart, the most important thing is to keep calm and cheerful attitude, buy some essential oils with relaxing function to help relax before going to bed, sleep well the whole human spirit will naturally become well.


Depression is neuropathy due to chronic suppression, anxiety reaction. The reason for young women prone to depression has close relationship with social environment factors and their psychological and physiological characteristics.

Depression is not inconsiderable; you'd better come to a professional psychological doctor to consult when you have more than one feature of the above. Modern life makes woman to undertake both family pressures, but also to work pressure outside.

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