Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Best Foods for Office Ladies

Professional women are very focused on their diet, not just to keep fit, but mainly for health. Here are some simple food suggestions; perhaps it will help you on the daily lives.

Don’t reduce the intake of vitamins

Vitamins are important components to maintain physiological function. Like vitamin B1 and B6. These vitamins are rich in brown rice, whole wheat and alfalfa. In addition, antioxidants such as β-carotene, vitamin c, vitamin e, will help improve work efficiency. It's rich in various fresh vegetables and fruits.

Don’t ignore of milk

Women in the menstrual period, accompanied by the loss of red blood cells also lost many of iron, calcium and zinc minerals. Therefore, after the menstrual period and menstruation, women may drink more milk or soy milk.

Don’t ignore of sesame

Many modern women are mental workers, so brain nutrition amino acid supply should be sufficient. Beans and sesame are rich in glutamate and should be properly eat.

The best meat is goose and duck meat

Though goose and duck fat is not less than meat, it's close to olive oil because of its chemical structure, not only sound and good for the heart. Chicken as "the best source of protein." In addition, the rabbit has the function of beauty and losing weight.

The best soup is chicken soup

In addition to provide a lot of good nutrients the body outside, the chicken can be so swept away fatigue and bad mood when a person listless or depressed because of low blood pressure.

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