Monday, October 11, 2010

Three Disadvantages of Don’t Eating Breakfast

Don’t eat breakfast is easy to get fat

According to nutritionists' confirmation, breakfast is the most difficult to get fat each day. Do not eat breakfast did not help on the consumption of fat. Once the human body aware of the nutritional deficiencies, first of all it burns carbohydrates and protein, and finally fat. Even worse, do not eat breakfast so lunch will eat more, causing the body difficult to absorb, so the fat accumulated and influence the body.

Don’t eat breakfast will easily become old

Breakfast provides energy and nutrients occupy an important position in the energy and nutrient intake throughout the day. Do not eat breakfast or breakfast of poor quality, the human body can only use their stored glycogen and protein, over time, it will lead to dry skin, wrinkling and anemia, accelerating human aging, and will result in severe nutritional deficiency.

Don’t eat breakfast will easy to get sick

Do not eat breakfast will easy to cause a variety of chronic diseases: a long hungry stomach, likely to cause gastritis, gastric ulcer. If breakfast is inadequate, lunch will eat a lot of food caused by hunger and the burden of the digestive system, likely to cause gastrointestinal disease. Do not eat breakfast make blood platelets stick together more easily, thereby increasing the chances of heart disease.

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