Friday, October 29, 2010

Which Kind of Shoes is Suitable for Pregnant Women?

Many pregnant women are confused with the pregnant attention. There is some problems pregnant women should pay attention to.

During pregnancy, women's weight will generally increase about 15kg, so when they walk, the pressure the legs and feet support will be larger. And the center of gravity also change, a pair of unsuitable shoes would make women feel tired and affect the development of fetus.

Most of people choose to wear scandals with the foam sole. This kind of scandals has a good flexibility and is suitable for feet, but also it has some shortcomings. Its sole is very slippery easy to tumble. So, pregnant women should choose the scandals with a skid-free sole, in order to prevent tumbling when facing a rainy day.

In winter, pregnant women should better wear a loose cotton shoes. This because during the middle and late period of pregnancy, women' feet are prong to swollen, their feet would change and the shoes they wear before pregnant will become smaller.

Many pregnant women think that flat shoes are the best choice for them. Actually, wear flat shoes is not a good choice for women. When wear flat shoes, usually our heels of feet would touch the ground first, and then arch. Flat shoes can't absorb the shock and also easily to lead to the fatigue and damage of muscle and ligament. Relatively speaking, the shoes with a heel of 2cm are good for pregnant women.

In addition, the pregnant women in the middle and late period can't wear high heels. Pregnant women in this period are very fat, when they wear high heels in this period, their gravity will easily tilt forward and out of balance, this would lead to tumble and back flash, so the result is very terrible.

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