Monday, October 18, 2010

The Best Way to Combat Neck Wrinkle for Women

Neck is easy to divulge age of women, so it's one of the places need most of the intensive care, especially when women come to 25 years old. In this dry winter, the neck is prone to wrinkles, people look old. You should take preventive measures, sooner or later coated with a restructuring compound for the neck compact, it is the best way to combat neck wrinkles.

Step 1: you'd better coat the neck with warm towel for two minutes.

Step 2: slightly raised head when coating, gently pushed up by both thumb and index finger.

Step 3: stop for several seconds where the wrinkles have already formed.

Step 4: finally, put the index and middle fingers on the lymph and press for one minute, and promote lymphatic circulation.

Neck is easy to accumulation dead skin, so you should do a gentle exfoliating mask each week. If you wear clothes that expose the neck, you should also using skin care products with sunscreen function.

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