Friday, October 22, 2010

Some Tricks to Help Women Keep Health-Part One

Nowadays, the pressures that women bear are not less than men. Under this circumstance women's health become worrying problem that we have to face. There are eight tricks can help women keep health.

Eat breakfast every morning, and go to bed on time

According to the experiments abroad, the nutrition that are not get enough in breakfast will be hard to get from other meals. Without breakfast or have a poor breakfast are the main reasons that cause the insufficient energy and nutrition of one day. Have a good sleep at night will not only supplement energy, but also can help women keep beautiful.

Supplement vitamin C and E frequently

Vitamin C is an important antioxidant; it can retard aging, prevent the formation of melanin, and whiten skin. The synergistic effect of vitamin C and E can improve human immunity, and contribute the absorption of calcium and iron.

Supplement calcium frequently

Calcium can enhance the bone, slow down the osteoporosis that caused by aging, ease the symptoms of women' pre-menstrual, and prevent high blood pressure and colon cancer. Especially for those pregnancy women, calcium is the most important thing.

Keep a healthy body needs our own efforts, and health is the only fortune that you can posse as your own wealth. So, learn to relax yourself and get more beautiful.

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