Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Five Ways to Drive Away Fatigue for Women

In hot summer, people are easy to feel tired, fatigue and listlessness, leading to inefficiency. How to make you glow glory? The following ways can help you.

Drink cold coffee

Strong sunlight can damage skin, drink cold coffee is not only felt super cool, and also can protect the skin from UV damage, reduces DNA damage and skin cancer risk.

Moderate eating beef

People like to eat meat are happier, eat some beef every day can provide useful mineral zinc to the heart and brain. However, eating barbecue, the best is to half cooked the meat with a microwave oven first, and then charcoal grille, can reduce the carcinogens.

Drink fruity sparkling wine

There are many fruity sparkling wines in the market; it’s not only tastes good for summer drinking, and also they are made by red wine and fruit juice. Red wine contains resveratrol, fruit juice is rich in antioxidants, and both of them can promote cardiovascular health.

Watch funny movies

Laughter helps lower the levels of harmful stress hormone cortisol in the blood. Research has shown that watch funny movie for just 15 minutes can make blood vessels relax and become enlarged, and better flexibility, thus preventing heart disease.


Shopping is a good kind of aerobic exercise; it's not only can exercise the leg strength, and also helps burn calories. U.S. researchers found that walking 3 hours a week can make brain cells more active.

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