Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Importance of Breakfast for Weight Losing Women

If young female friends want to be energetic, you should aware of the importance of breakfast; especially working women. What kinds of breakfast are suitable?

Breakfast is the most important meal among the three meals a day. The reason is very simple: every night, the body must consume energy. Then the body has to draw on its reserves energy. Therefore, the morning after waking up naturally have to rely on a breakfast rich in carbohydrates to replenish energy reserves. Do not eat breakfast; you cannot get new life in the work. Furthermore, if you want to lose weight, you should not skip breakfast.

Eat less fat Breakfast. Women are more inclined to choose breakfast with less fat. They prefer to eat cereals. From the nutritional point of view, this trend should be promoted.

You should intake enough vitamins, folic acid and iron. Women aged 25-40 should be at least meet 50% of the vitamins and folic acid for breakfast, especially vitamin C and iron requirements. Today, most women do not have adequate dietary intake of iron and folic acid. If possible, you can be supplemented from the lunch and dinner.

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