Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to Drink Yogurt Reasonably-Part Two

The best time to take yogurt

Yogurt can be substitute for meals. But when you are very hungry, it is not good to drink yogurt immediately, because this can make a burden to your stomach. So before drinking yogurt, you had better take some fruits or drink some vegetable soup.

It is not true that drink unlimited yogurt would not gain flesh

It is ideal that drink a cup of yogurt in the morning and a cup of milk at night. But some people like drinking yogurt very much, usually they would drink lots of yogurt after having meal, this could put on weight. That's because, yogurt contains certain energy, drink yogurt after meal is equivalent to take an extra meal, and this certainly will gain weight. The best way is to choose those yogurts with the words of skim yogurt and low calories. Though they are not tasted well as full-fat yogurt, they are low in calories, and it will not lead to the accumulation of fat in body. Naturally, your weight will not rise.

Yogurt is a very popular drink, and it is also the hot choice for those people who want to lose weight. But drink yogurt as much as possible does not mean you can lose weight easily. It also needs a healthy way to drink yogurt.

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