Sunday, October 31, 2010

Four Methods help you Burn Fat

Weight-loss now seems a very popular topic for people. Women who are really fat want to lose weight, even those slim women are also full of enthusiasm about losing weight. Because they want to keep their beautiful curves, so weight-loss becomes a common activity among those people. There are four kind of methods we can have a try.

Walking in the water

It seems an interesting way to walk. May be you will think it easy. However, it is hard to walk when you tried this way. It is far more difficult to complete this exercise than that exercise on body-building. This is because that the resistance people faced when walking in water is 12to 15 times of that in air. Therefore, when you do this, you should make your efforts best and this will help your body consume more calories.

Riding bicycle

Riding bicycle before weightlifting can make our muscle and joint obtained a full activity, and avoid the damage that may occur in the following exercises. The experiment shows that, doing exercises before weightlifting does make the body burn more fat during the process of weightlifting.


Hip-pop is a new way to exercise. A sports psychologist in Texas University pointed out that compared with the traditional dance, hip-pop's new movement can allow muscles in all parts of body exercise, and with a high intensity. Thus, more calories will be consumed, and it can be accepted by general physique.

A good eating habit

A good eating habit is also very important for exercise. An improper eating habit would bring the negative effects on exercise. Banana, chocolate and ice-cream are not suitable to eat before taking exercises. So, you should pay attention to the foods that you eat before taking exercises.

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